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D & J Media is the Home of WLGK Logik Radio, HEX FM & The Lawn Radio. Our voice currently reaches over 70K listeners and is growing daily but, why stop there? For us, it's only the beginning. We utilize our broadcasts to fuel our ideas for digital content production. By converting topics and themes into shareable videos & images, we can help businesses thrive in the new age of online marketing by delivering your message directly to your target audience via placements on our online content (videos & blogs) or simultaneously while we broadcast. What if you can generate sales leads via contests on a popular website that is visited by consumers in your area? Here's our secret, YOU CAN. Schedule a consultation with us today. Together, we can find new ways to promote your brand & spread your message.

"New media is like a megaphone. It amplifies your ability to reach more people.."

Mark Batterson