Are you exfoliating?

An important step for your skin care regimen. Read more

Plan your Holiday Party with us here at Francesca's on 95th!

Looking to plan a Holiday event with your coworkers or family members? Let Francesca's on 95th take care of that for you!
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More marketing, IT dollars pouring into mobile

It's not altogether surprising that companies in retail are spending more to market and support their apps and websites than firms in other sectors, especially since consumers have shown that mobile is a key part of the shopping process — even when they are already inside a brick-and-mortar store. In fact, a recent iVend study found more than 71% of consumers surveyed shopped via mobile at some point last year, while at least 60% did so while in-store.
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10 Ways to Improve Digital Customer Experiences

Providing great customer experiences at every digital touch point is becoming imperative for brands. A report by customer experience consultant Walker found that 86% of buyers plan to pay more for better customer experience, and by 2020 CX will outweigh price and product in brand differentiation.
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Personal Nature of Stress

Stress is a very personal experience.  Because of that fact, the solution has to be as personal.
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How is Stress Sabotaging Your Success?

How is stress sabotaging your efforts for success and happiness?
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Lunch & Learn

Thank you to Jeff Reich for an informative presentation on LinkedIn today. Jeff is an articulate speaker and did a marvelous job.


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24/7 Quick Emergency Response for Water Damage Restoration in Oak Lawn

Quick service is essential if you have experienced water damage in your home or business Read more

The Dangers Of Overpricing Your House

Why overpricing your house when selling might not be a wise decision.  Read more

May New & Prospective Breakfast

Thank you to Stony Creek Golf Course for hosting our May New & Prospective Breakfast. We were able to meet and greet six new member and a few prospective members and it was great to have current members with us a well. Read more


Keeping both your current your future clients up-to-date is just as important over email and online Read more