How is Stress Sabotaging Your Success?

How is stress sabotaging your efforts for success and happiness?

Welcome to my e-book/blog, How is Stress Sabotaging Your Success?  This has been an 8-month process to conceptualize, develop and finally publish my first writings on this topic.  What brought me to this point is interesting.

I spent about 10 years working in the financial trading industry. I was first a trader myself and then became a trainer/coach to other financial traders.  The time as a trainer/coach gave me a great insight into the mind of traders. I saw firsthand what were their challenges, how they coped with those challenges and helped them create solutions for those challenges.

Encyclopedia of Stress

My work with traders has allowed me to acquire an encyclopedia of knowledge on how stress effects people's decisions. When I decided to expand my coaching practice to include more than traders, this knowledge has become invaluable. Entrepreneurs, business owners,...

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