Two Discounting Strategies

Read about two pricing strategies that will help you overcome requests for discounts and lower prices.

This meme made its rounds on Instagram last week, and it's resonated with us ever since then. The demands for discounts from your customers are real, never-ending, and can get awkward when you're being lowballed. �Why do we undervalue the time and talent of people who live in our community all the time?

Discounts and requests for them will never go away, but you can make it easier.

1. Work toward building a brand that makes people feel like they have exclusive or VIP status so you don't have to discount. That's why people rush to pay full price for whatever a celebrity is selling.

Not famous? Neither are we.

2. Know what your product or service is worth (or what the market will bear), and create a discount strategy that works for your customers AND your business.

This puts you in control of the situation.

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