Covid-19 Precautions Update for SkinTrust

Information on steps being taken at SkinTrust to keep patients safe. 

Covid Precautions Update


At SkinTrust safety continues to be a top priority. With this new Covid challenge I want to assure clients that I am maintaining a safe, welcoming environment. Here are the steps I am taking to achieve this:


€       I am fully vaccinated and boosted.


€       I take a Covid test weekly, when available.


€       During your visit and treatment, I always wear a mask.


€       An air purifier is in the treatment room directly next to the head of the treatment table.


€       The area is fully sanitized after each client visit.


€       Clients are scheduled with time in-between appointments to insure you have contact with only me.


This has been a long journey for all of us and please know I appreciate your support and am grateful I can continue to provide you with relaxing & effective skin care.