Keeping both your current your future clients up-to-date is just as important over email and online

What most don‚€™t realize about website development and design is that your website is your biggest brand ambassador, 24 hours 365 days per year.  It works tirelessly to market your company, constantly finding new clients and educating your existing ones. It is arguably the most public facing and most visible part of your company.  Your website is your brand, culture and marketing rolled up into one neat little ball.

When you are sleeping, it is working.

OK, I think you get the picture.  Website development and maintenance is critical and needs almost constant attention in one way or another.  Whether it is new content, taking down old stale information or just updating pictures ‚€" there is always something to do.

Start talking about Search Engine Marketing (SEO) or paid advertising (SEM) and you just added another level of critical web marketing development that constantly need updating.

With that, here are 6 reasons your website development is never truly finished:

Six Website Development Items To Keep Updated1) Current & Up-to-Date Testimonials/Reviews Are a Must

Remember that client success story you were so proud of 10 years ago?  Well, they went out of business and your prospective client now knows this success story doesn‚€™t really reflect your company today.

2) Images Must Reflect Industry And Product Standards

Woah! ‚€" is that a white CRT monitor in the picture of your office.  If you actually still have that monitor, please call us to talk IT ‚€" but since you probably don‚€™t ‚€" might be time to update the picture.

3) Products Come And Go

No, you don‚€™t sell the XL3000 anymore, but those 10 pages talking about it are driving people to your site, you are attracting valuable customers with the wrong message. Now you disappointed them because you don‚€™t carry the product you want and you are missing out on the clients you do want because you aren‚€™t updating your content.

4) Trends and Aesthetics As Well As Functionality Change Constantly

In the fast paced online marketing world we live in ‚€" website trends change every 2-3 years and that 4 year old site really starts looking like that 1986 Saturn.  Now, nothing wrong with the Saturn ‚€" great cars, but you probably aren‚€™t going to have people flocking over to check the Saturn out . . . you catch my drift.

5) Search Engines and Bots Reward Change/New Content

Search engines don‚€™t reward sites with old, stale info and they start noticing that people aren‚€™t really visiting your site anymore.  So, you are left wondering why your inbound sales leads are down and that is a vicious circle with a bad ending.  Time to refresh.

6) First Impressions Matter

And, the #1 reason your website is never finished . . . You are trying to grow your business and make more money . . . frankly, your website is the first place people go to check you out ‚€" long before they have talked to a single person at your company.  It needs to be current and relevant ‚€" always make it a priority.