2021 Executive Board


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Eileen Kerlin Walsh

Kerlin Walsh Law

A message from the President

This is the 75th year our Chamber has been in existence! That's a lot of history and perseverance and I accept the task and privilege of carrying the torch onwards.

I acknowledge outgoing President Dr. Katie Narbone and outgoing Executive Director Julie Miller. The level of care and attention they gave the Chamber as we were plunged into the Pandemic will live in legend. To the Board Directors and Executive Directors, and Elected Officials and Community Leaders, thank you in advance for your partnership and counsel.

This role is a true honor for me, one I would not have easily foreseen 30 years ago when I came to the United States from Ireland. All these years later, I assume the mantle of Oak Lawn Chamber President, and continue as Principal of my own Law Office.

As a Chamber we have come a long way and we still have a long way to go. 2020 presented tremendous challenges that many of us are still recovering from, but it also gave us new tools and skills to overcome hardship, build resilience, and to use as stepping stones going forward.

We will continue to implement our 5-year Strategic plan and develop our budding business advisory Council and Mentorship program. We will convert more of our events to a virtual platform. We will continue to nurture our Baby Boomer and Greatest Generation members with traditional events but also encourage future-forward technology offerings from our Millennials and Gen Z-ers, all the while staying true to our mission.

Let's come together to ensure our ongoing success. We have a powerful brand, an Independent voice, the respect of our elected officials and support of our community leaders. Our legacy of standing up for this community and our members is unmatched. We business owners have the cloak of respectability society bestows on us, and we can lead, teach, heal and inspire with it.

Let's continue to serve humanity. Need is still great in many corners of our community.

Let's stay curious, and non-critical. Let's hold the door for each other. Let's keep our hearts open to love and beauty and possibility.

Together, we can be a positive collective voice. We can be a symphony. We can be the sword and shield of our business members, the champion of our community and, in the process, enrich our professional and personal lives.

About Eileen Kerlin Walsh: Eileen is the Principal Attorney at Kerlin Walsh Law, an involved and respected community member, loving wife to her husband Tom, and devoted mother to her four boys.

First Vice President

You and Allegra: The Perfect Solution

Jim Makina

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Partner with us for access to the strategies, technologies and the creative team you need to help your company or organization grow. You'll have a one-stop local resource for all your marketing and communications needs, backed by over 30 years of experience and thousands of marketing successes, with organizations just like yours. Clients, like you, have been the backbone of our work in the community since 1986. While a lot has changed, one thing remains the same, our promise to work hard to enhance your business' or organization's value. Let's start working together to find new opportunities to grow together. We're looking forward to working with you!

Second Vice President

Phil Costello

Phil Costello

Oak Lawn Park District


Nothing Bundt the Best Cakes in town!

Jeffrey Reynolds

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Natasha Williams

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Immediate Past President

Dr. Katherine Narbone

Katherine Narbone

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