Mentorship Committee

If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.

J Loren Norris

Program Purpose and Description

The OLCC New Member Mentor Program is designed to provide a comprehensive induction experience for individuals who have recently joined the Chamber.  Each new member will be assigned a Mentor who will facilitate various tasks that will ensure the new member is fully aware of the many resources available from the Chamber.  The Mentor will also facilitate a networking and relationship-building strategy to ensure the new member is optimally engaged in Chamber events, programs, and opportunities. 

In order to successfully achieve the mission of the Mentor Program, Mentors are expected to carry out the following tasks and responsibilities.  The duration of the Mentor assignment is approximately 12 weeks, with an anticipated commitment of up to 10 hours of direct engagement with the new member.  Ideally, the Mentor and Mentee are meeting in person to carry out these tasks.  However, during the current pandemic, remote meetings and conferences will likely be the norm.