Oak Lawn Chamber Light Pole Banner Program

These colorful (Royal Blue) heavy-duty banners are available to advertise your business a long our busy streets. The Banner Program is exclusively offered to Chamber Members.

Banners will be hung-up during the month of June for two years. The location of every banner will be randomly selected and will extend down:

1) Cicero Ave> on both sides from 95th St. to 111th St.   
2) 95th Street. to Pulaski Road
3) 95th St. to 87th St.
The banner will be hung as listed above.

The cost for one banner is $300 and is due with your application. If you plan on investing additional marketing dollars in this branding program, we are offering 2+banners for a discounted rate of $275 each.

The banner will list the name of your business only at the top of 
the banner.  At the bottom will be the Chamber Logo and Shop Oak Lawn. Below is the example.