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                              CHAMBER OF COMMERCE


       Articles of Incorporation under the General Not for Profit Corporation
       Act  to  Edward  J.  Barrett,  Secretary  of  State,  Springfield,  Illinois  were
       signed by James E. Sweeney, Elmer R. Buell, Gladyce Brown, and Frank
       K. Harris.

       The  name  of  the  corporation  is  Oak  Lawn  Chamber  of  Commerce.
       The period of duration of the corporation is Perpetual. The address of
       the initial Registered Office in the State of Illinois is 9517 Cook, in the
       Village of Oak Lawn, County of Cook.

       The  first  Board  of  Directors  shall  be  6  in  number,  their  names  are
       as follows:
                               Roland J. Beckley
                                 Andrew Wolf
                                 Arthur Eichler
                                  Otto Brandt
                                 Julius Jensen
                                 Frank Sikora

       The purpose or purposes for which the corporation is organized, are: to
       promote and perpetuate the business, commercial, agricultural, industrial
       and civic interests of the Greater Oak Lawn area, to promote integrity
       and  good  faith;  just  and  equitable  principles  in  business,  uniformity
       in  commercial  usages;  to  acquire,  preserve  and  distribute  industrial,
       commercial,  agricultural  and  civic  statistics  and  information  of  value,
       to discover and correct abuses, and to have a part as representing our
       village in the consideration and decision of city, state and national issues.

       The Certificate of Incorporation and a copy of the Articles of Incorporation
       were issued and signed by Edward J. Barrett, Secretary of the State of
       Illinois on July 29, 1947.

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